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Just for buying three books and we’ll ship you a free D.I.N.O.(Dreaming Is Never Optional) writsband.  Whenever you may be down, just take a peak and the wristband and you will be reminded of your dreams you are achieving and chasing after.

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Buy 50 books and we will cut a video for you and it will be a shameless plug for you, your business or even a family member or whatever you are promoting.  We will host it for you and you will have everyone visiting this site then heading on over to your business website or wherever you want to direct them to.

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What a great deal.  You will get the shameless plug that goes along with if you were to buy 50 books.  Plus you are going to get a copy of each of my books: Dance until it Rains, 61 Lies We Live By and Today is Your Day.  You will also get a copy of my audio program: Face Your Fears and Live Your Life of Dreams.   You can also get your choice of 1 hour consultation with me or you can be the special guest on my Blog Talk Radio show and have the recording to use as you wish.

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Come to Detroit, MI for a day of adventure (travel is at your own expense). We will go out to dinner and then off to a Detriot Red Wings game.  We will video tape this event and the Red Wings must be playing (not a playoff game) at Joe Louis Arena.  So take the plunge and buy 500 books and you will spend the evening with me and enjoy a great dinner and then a Detroit Red Wings hockey game at the Joe – priceless experience all recorded on video.

Send your receipts to 500books@aleprechauninyourpocket.com

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