A Leprechaun In Your Pocket

The Irish for years have passed on ageless advice and inspiration.  Old sayings, blessings and songs have taught us about God, love, friendship, laughter, giving thanks and taking time to enjoy life. I have tried to capture these thoughts and relate them to today’s daily living. I discuss the challenges we all face today and the opportunities many of forefathers never had.

The meditations offered are just that-meditations. They are not to be read quickly but rather pondered and reflected on. Answers you may find for yourself will come from your heart. The pages within are designed to slow you down, make you think and help you figure out what if any changes are needed for you to truly enjoy life.

This book will help you discover, shape and understand what is at the end of your personal rainbow!

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“My good friend Doug Evans is a serious student, he understands and teaches the Laws of Life. The Leprechauns have brought his wisdom to you in these pages. Enjoy the book, employ the lessons.”

– Bob Proctor, From the Movie “The Secret”

The Irish have always known that Leprechauns knew the secret to success in everything. Indeed, having a leprechaun in your pocket would be a treasure. Finding a treasure chest of secrets at the end of the rainbow is a noble goal. Now, Doug Evans, has deciphered the ancient Irish folklore, sayings, and blessings to give us a roadmap to discovering our very own “pot of gold.” Here is the secret to take your life to the ultimate level. This book is a wealth of inspiration and motivation-grab it now !”

– Frank Gasiorowski, Mr90DayGoals

“Doug’s book is a must have motivational tool to help keep all of us on the path to success! Doug is not only a person that inspires me, but through the power of social media, I am now honored to be able to call him a friend.”

– Harrison Painter, Founder GoGladiatorMedia, Amplibuzz

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