A Leprechaun In Your Pocket has arrived!

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by the website and checking out my new book: “A Leprechaun In Your Pocket.”

If you haven’t signed up to get your Lucky 16+ videos and Day 13: The Blessings of St. Patrick for free please do so, all you have to do is enter your first name and email address on the form on the top right of this page.

I hope you find the Irish wisdom, blessings, inspiration and old sayings inside of this book as valuable as you read them as I have when I wrote them.

I truly hope that this book will help you discover, shape and understand what is at the end of your personal rainbow!

Doug Evans

4 Responses to “A Leprechaun In Your Pocket has arrived!”

  • Doug Evans says:

    Thanks for letting me know. Friendships always are special. We all need to slow down and enjoy friends more often. The Irish visiting in the pubs sure can show us one way of doing this !

  • Sherry Richardson says:

    My grandfather was Irish so I have heard many of the Irish blessings and sayings. When Doug told me about the book I was looking forward to reading it. Doug has done a fabulous job bringing Irish wisdom and blessings to life. Each day brings a new idea, thought or inspirational message. First time I read the book cover to cover. Now I look forward to reading it daily. My sisters, brother and nieces are getting a copy for Christmas. Thank you Doug for bringing these wonderful Irish sayings to life in such a meaningful way.

  • Hi Doug,

    I am really enjoying your book. Last week I had a large party at my house. I was sitting on the chair just watching everyone laugh and have a good time. I thought to myself, “I am lucky to have these friends and I should see them mor eoften”. that night beforeI went to sleep I read the 3rd & 4th day and both were about friendships and it really hit home. Thank you for your work, inspiration and book.


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